How To Open VDF Files

DESCRIPTION: A VDF file is a virus definition file format used by AntiVir Premium

A VDF file extension is a data file format used by the AntiVir Premium program application, an antivirus protection program created and distributed by Avira Operations GmbH. VDF files contain definitions of new viruses, and are used to download and update the virus definitions found within the AntiVir Premium program. Files of this type are typically loaded during software updates so that the program can check for new viruses. VDF files are saved in the installation directory of the AntiVir program, and have the file names vbase000.vdf, vbase001.vdf, and so on. AntiVir Premium is supported in Microsoft Windows operating systems. There are 11 other types of files that use the VDF file extension. Users having difficulty opening files of this type should check the application and verify that it matches the type of file being opened.

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