How To Open PXL Files


The PXL is a file extension developed by Microsoft specifically for the pocket pc version of Excel used on smart phones. It can however be converted to the .XLS Excel format. The data on this type of file is stored in columns and rows, similar to raster image files but more specifically a spreadsheet. Word 97/2000 version on the pocket pc can also convert this file using the ‘save as’ command to an .XLS file which is widely used. The .PXL file is considered a data file because it stores plain data although it can also keep information that is more complex. These data files are very common and depending on the developer the extension will differ to distinguish which data file belongs to which developer.

Our developers have not yet tested any applications to open this particular type of file. We recommend that you try one of the applications listed below to open your file. We are always testing more applications, so please check back.

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