How To Open BUP Files


A BUP file extension is used to distinguish files that are backup files. These files are information files and they are extremely important. Specifically this type of file is back up for IFO files for DVDs. IFO files are found on DVDs and it stores the information related to tracks and subtitles. Backup files are useful in case something should happen to the video_TS.IFO file. Without the information contained in this file the DVD would be useless and all of the information would be unavailable—something as small as a scratch on the DVD could cause this time of damage. The .BUP file is a popular file type just for this reason and is used by a variety of software. The user should never open BUP files, as these files are accessible via the media player.

Our developers have not yet tested any applications to open this particular type of file. We recommend that you try one of the applications listed below to open your file. We are always testing more applications, so please check back.

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